2019 . To a Passer-by, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria


At first glance, de la Cruz’s paintings appear to have been vandalized or flagrantly abused. Mangled stretchers, slashed canvases, twisted and violated, are hung on the wall like macabre trophies, and yet it is this deliberate and systematic desecration of the canvases, which informs the end result. Emotionally raw, yet canny and sharply ironic, de la Cruz confronts the ‘problem’ with painting by incorporating its very destruction into the work itself. “The moment I cut through the canvas I get rid of the grandiosity of painting”. Violent, unapologetic and often darkly humorous, her work unabashedly exposes a visceral emotionalism, breaking the barriers of the established norms of painting. Implicit is the sense that a scene of frenetic violent activity has just taken place leaving in its wake the strangely paradoxical feeling of spent energy and a sense of calm.

Angela de la Cruz was born in La Coruña, Spain in 1965 where she studied philosophy at the University of Santiago de Compostela. In the late eighties she moved to London where she studied at Chelsea College of Art and later at Goldsmiths College and Slade School of Art. She has exhibited in galleries all over the world including the show entitled “After”, her first solo exhibition in the UK at Camden Arts Centre in April 2010. In May 2010 she was nominated for the Turner Prize.

Angela de la Cruz lives and works in London UK​ since 1965.




Faculty of Philosophy, Santiago de Compostela (Spain) BA Philosophy

Foundation, Chelsea College of Art, London, UK

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Goldsmiths’ College, London, UK

MA Sculpture and Critical Theory, Slade School of Art, London, UK


2019 . Homeless. Mid career retrospective curated by Carolina Grau, CGAC,  Santiago                         de Compostela, Spain

           Layers. Thomas Schulte Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2018 . Bare. Lisson Gallery, London, UK

           Homeless. Mid career retrospective curated by Carolina Gray, Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao,             Spain
2016 .  Storage. Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm Sweden
            Larger Than Life (Hoxton). Peer, London, UK

2015 .  Mudanza. CarrerasMugica, Bilbao, Spain (November, 2015)
            Escombros / Debris. Curated by Carolina Grau. Fundación Luis Seoane, La Coruña,                   Spain; Centre d'art la Panera, Lleida, Spain
            Larger Than Life. Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin, Germany 

2014 .  Traspaso. Galería Helga de Alvear, Madrid, Spain

2013 .  Vacant. Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
            Burst. Lisson Gallery, Milan, Italy

2012 .  Wet. Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria
           Transfer. Anna Schwartz, Melbourne, Australia

2011 .  Transfer. Lisson Gallery, London, UK; Galería Helga de Alvear, Madrid, Spain

2010 .  After. Camden Arts Center, London, UK

2006  . Angela de la Cruz: Trabalho/Work. Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal

2005 .  Larger than Life. Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Seville, Spain
           Clutter. Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
           Loushy Art & Editions. Tel Aviv, Israel

2004  Larger than Life. Curated by Carlota Álvarez Basso. Museo de Arte Contemporánea de               Vigo, MARCO, Spain

           Clutter. Lisson Gallery, London, UK
           Angela de la Cruz. Nicolas Krupp Gallery. Basel, Switzerland
           Project room, ARCO. Madrid, Spain 

2003 .  Angela de la Cruz. Galleri Bouhlou, Bergen, Norway
           Clutter. Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria

2002 .  Angela de la Cruz. Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
           Prop. Sturegallerian, Stockholm, Sweden
           Angela de la Cruz. Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
           Angela dela Cruz. Perth International Arts Festival, The Church Gallery, Perth, Australia

2001 .  Angela de la Cruz. Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London, UK

2000 .  Angela de la Cruz. John Weber Gallery, New York, USA

1999 .  Everyday Painting. Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria
           One Painting. Lift Gallery, London, UK

1998 .  Larger Than Life. Curated by Joanne Bernstein. The Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall,                    London, UK
           Everyday Painting. Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London, UK
           4xSolo. De Markten, Brussels, Belgium
           Everyday Painting. John Weber Gallery, New York, USA

1997 .  Galerie In Situ. Aalst, Belgium

1993 .  Untitled. Premises, Hackney, London


2020 . Hyperspaces, Bombas Gens Centre d’Art, Valencia, Spain

           Grabado Espanol Contemporaneo, Marlborough Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2019 . To a Passer-by, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria

2018 . Apaño. Bombon Projects, Barcelona, Spain
           One of a Kind. 3 Punts, Barcelona, Spain
           The need for the infinite. Monochromes in colección olorVISUAL. CICUS,                                   Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain  

           Surface Work. Victoria Miró, London, UK
           Unpainting. Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

           Summer Exhibition. Royal Academy, London, UK

2017 .  Lenguajes Abstractos. Fundación per Amort a l’ Art, Valencia, Spain
           Larger Than Life. Fundación Calosa, Mexico

           Eva Schlegel-Angela de la Cruz, Selected Works 2005-2015. Galerie Krinzinger, Viena,              Austria

           XVIII Premios Nacionales de Creativad. Club de Creativos, San Sebastian, Spain  
           31 Women. Bresse Little Gallery, London, UK
           SLAM (it is something/it is nothing). Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London, UK

2016 .  Shut up and paint. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
           Michael Muller – SKITS. 13 Exhibitions in 9 Rooms. Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden,            Germany
           Five/Fifty/Five Hundred. Lisson Gallery, Milan, Italy

           Festina lente. Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal, Canada
           The Scents of Disquet, Hotel des Arts, Toulon, France
           Rohkunstbau. Between the Worlds – Zwischen den Welten, Roskow, Germany
           above the ARTic circle. Circles of Power, Circles of Pain. Kaviar Factory, Henningsvær,              Norway
           Mujeres del silencio. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Vigo, Spain

2015 .  Real Painting. Curated by Jo McGonigal and Deb Covell. Castlefield Gallery,                               Manchester,            UK
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2014 .  El desarreglo. El curioso caso del arte despeinado. Curated by Daniel
           Castillejo Alonso. Centro-Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo Artium de Álava, Spain
           Panoramic Ave. Kunstsæle, Berlin, Germany
           Der Kubist Marcel Duchamp mag night malen. Curated by Michael Müller. Thomas                    Schulte Gallery, Berlin, Germany
           Call me on Sunday. Curated by Ursula Maria Probst. Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, Austria
           Colour me in. Curated by Christiane Mosegaard. Esbjerg Art Museum, Denmark
           Enantiodromia. Curated by Simon Callery. Fold Gallery, London, UK
           The Art of Not Making. Curated by Michael Petry. Galleri Kleerup, Stockholm, Sweden

2013 .  The Art of the Present: Collection of Helga de Alvear. Curated by María de Corral.                     Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain
            The Art of Not Making. Curated by Michael Petry. Hå gamle prestegard, Håvegen,                     Norway
            Tepidarium. Curated by Gerrit Gohlke. BKV (Brandenburgischer Kunstverein) Potsdam,             Germany
            On Painting. Curated by Omar-Pascual Castillo. Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno.                     CAAM. Canary Islands, Spain.
            La Colección. Factoría de Estímulos. Curated by David Barro. Fundación Barrie, La                     Coruña, Spain
            Material Conceptualism: The Comfort of Things. Aanant&Zoo Gallery, Berlin, Germany
            Le Futur Commence Ici. Curated by Hilde Teerlinck. FRAC/AP2, Dunkerque, France
            Abstract Thinking: Using a hammer and sea-staring is ok. Curated by Anne Katrine                   Dolven. OSL Contemporary, Oslo, Norway
            Nostalgic for the Future. Curated by Greg Hilty. Lisson Gallery, London, UK; Centro                   Brasileiro-Britânico, São Paulo, Brazil

2012 .  Que pensar, que desear, que hacer. Curated by Rosa Martínez. Colección de Arte                      Contemporáneo Fundación La Caixa­­, Barcelona, Spain
           Flatland (Redux). Curated by Delfim Sardo. Fundação Cidade de Guimarães, Portugal
           The Fabricated Object. Curated by Michael Petry. Sumarria Lunn Gallery London, UK;                Ha Gamle Prestegard, Nærbø, Norway
           Representation and the Body. Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
           Tirar del Hilo (La imagen especular). Curated by Enrique Martínez Goikoetxea. Colección            ARTIUM, Vitoria, Spain
           IV Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo. Fundación ONCE, Madrid, Spain
           Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Curated by Edith Devaney. Royal Academy of Arts,            London, UK
           In abstraction, the body. Curated by Jason Smith. Anna Schwartz Gallery, Sydney,                    Australia
           Delimitations – An Exhibition of Contemporary Spanish Art. Curated by Ghila Limon.                  Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel
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           La Colección. Fundación Barrié. Sede A Coruña, Spain
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2009 .  Spheres, Le Moulin. Boissy-le-Chatel, France
            HotchPotch. MKII, Hackney, London, UK
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